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MAKING WAVES – Marine Debris Part 1: An Overview

Alicia Wood

Author: Conservation Coordinator Shelby Serra From the smallest plastic straw to a 1000lb discarded fishing net, marine debris — trash that finds its way to the marine environment — is an issue that spans the globe. Whether a stream, river, lake, sea or ocean, all marine environments are subject to the damaging impacts of marine debris. ...

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Making Waves through the “Eco-Revolution”

Pacific Whale Foundation

While the individuals who comprise the term “ocean activists” all work towards a common goal, the reality is, “ocean activists” come in a variety of shapes and forms, and all are armed with unique talents.Some, for example, may use their...

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Hawaii Visitor Update

Aloha, We Are Open!  Our PacWhale Eco-Adventures are open for booking as we welcome visitors back to Maui.  Quarantine restrictions were lifted on Oct. 15th for those following the state’s pre-arrival COVID-19 testing requirements.