Ocean Camp

Ocean Camp invites children in grades 2–5 to learn about the ocean through hands-on science lessons, team-building games, expressive crafts, and daily nature-based field trips.

Keiki Whalewatch

Keiki Whalewatch provides opportunities for local school children in grades PreK to high school to learn about humpback whales by experiencing them in their natural habitat.

High School Internships

Coming soon! Our high school internship program in marine sciences encourages motivated students to gain hands-on experience in this exciting field.

Ocean Career Quest

This immersive five-day program introduces Maui middle school students to careers in marine science and ocean conservation.

Virtual Field Trips

These innovative offerings allow children near and far to explore the ocean world and the animals within without leaving home.

Education Resources

These free resources include a variety of video lessons, interviews and activities that can be utilized in the classroom or at home to inspire tomorrow’s ocean protectors.