After the fires that took place on Maui on August 8th, Pacific Whale Foundation did not hesitate to help our affected community. Knowing that the recovery process was going to be long, the outreach team was created. A carefully selected group of individuals from within the organization focused on supporting the community’s needs, prioritizing frontline relief. We operated our ʻOhana center hub for two months. Every day we reassess where we can make the largest impact. In late 2023, our focus shifted to supplying the community hubs with specifically requested supplies.

Highlighted Metrics:
  • To date we have delivered over 26,544 items.
  • Provided 655 gallons of water to homes that do not have safe drinking water, this equates to 4,960 plastic water bottles saved.
  • Collaboration with PWF’s education team allowed us to provide educational pop-up at hubs that had a higher number of keiki (children).
  • Over 700 people attended our For Da Keiki events (Add link to more information here after the For Da Keiki page is created).
Please consider donating to our Maui Community Relief Fund (Donate Here) to help us support the Maui community. 100% of the PWF Maui Community Relief Fund will be used to provide emergency supplies to survivors and to organizations working to rebuild our community.
It is our kuleana (responsibility) as an organization that has been on Maui for over 43 years to support Maui and to give back to this lāhui (people).