RETHINK Single-Use Plastics

Introducing RETHINK, a campaign to inspire the use of alternatives to everyday single-use plastics in order to save marine life. This conservation campaign expands on our Last Straw campaign, which has resulted in 29 local restaurants and countless individuals abandoning plastic straws. Plastic never truly biodegrades; instead, it photodegrades or breaks up into smaller pieces, never leaving our environment. Pacific Whale Foundation research shows 70-90% of all debris found on and around Maui is plastic. Single-use plastics are the biggest contributor to this challenge, as they permeate almost every facet of modern-day life but are thrown away after only one use.

The tiny pieces that plastic breaks up into are ingested by marine organisms and permeate throughout the food chain. Plastic polymers are not only created with chemical additives and contaminants, but also absorb toxins on their journey, including some known endocrine disruptors that may be harmful at extremely low concentrations for marine life, thus posing potential risks to marine ecosystems, biodiversity and food availability. Besides working its way up the food chain, plastic is also accidentally ingested by animals mistaking it for food and causes many entanglement deaths each year. 

It has been estimated that up to 1 billion marine animals, from plankton to sea birds to dolphins and whales die each year from plastic pollution. 




The United States contributes an estimated 242 million pounds of plastic trash to the ocean every year. We all contribute to this problem, so every one of us can make a difference. Make a pledge today to reduce your use of single-use plastics.


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We are also supporting the message of the RETHINK campaign by offering free “Plastic Pollution Solutions” classes to school classrooms, conducting marine debris research and action planning, incorporating RETHINK education into keiki Ocean Camps and workshops, and conducting beach clean-ups and other community events. We carry out programs in Hawaii, Australia, Ecuador, Chile and other parts of the Pacific that will inspire us all to RETHINK our choices regarding single-use plastics.
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Marine debris and plastic pollution are a serious and growing threat to ocean health and marine wildlife. You can make a positive impact today when you join PWF to RETHINK single-use plastics. We are just $6,000 away from reaching our fundraising goal of $20K to combat single-use plastics entering the ocean, which will directly help provide our Plastic Pollution Solutions program for schools, beach cleanups, marine debris research and prevention efforts, and outreach to spread the word of the harmful impacts of plastic waste and help people easily switch to alternative products.