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PWF-backed 50-yard approach limit resolution
supported by Maui County Council!

In 2016, NOAA and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement that evaluated different options for enhanced management action to protect spinner dolphins in Hawaii. In 2020, PWF partnered with Cascadia Research Collective to analyze spinner dolphin movement and behavior patterns to inform the best conservation measure for Maui Nui (Stack et al. 2020). In July 2021, NOAA released the Final Environment Impact Statement, open to the public for comment for 30 days. As our research provided clear justification for the proposed 50-yard approach limit, Pacific Whale Foundation worked with Maui County Council to draft a resolution urging NOAA and NMFS to adopt this long-overdue rule so that no further disturbance, disruption, or harassment would occur to spinner dolphins. At its regular meeting of the Maui County Council this week, the resolution was unanimously adopted! This means the resolution will be transmitted to the President and Vice President of the United States, Hawai’i State Congressional Delegation in Washington, the Secretary of Commerce, numerous NOAA officials as well as State and Local officials!  Hopefully, both Maui and Hawaii Counties efforts in support of this rule will help to expedite its implementation.

Mahalo to our supporters for helping us to continue to advocate for mitigation to the major threats facing whales and dolphins today!

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