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10 Eco-Friendly Dining and Shopping Options on Maui

Part of Pacific Whale Foundation’s RETHINK campaign, in which we offer everyday alternatives to single-use plastics, is to recognize those who are leading by example and to learn what other actions our communities can be taking to inspire environmental stewardship. Here you’ll find 10 food-oriented businesses on Maui that make it easy to make a difference:

Grocery Shopping

Whole Foods 

This nation-wide grocery chain is well known for their wide variety of loose produce and bulk food section, so it’s easy to bring your own reusable produce and grain bags to fill and avoid plastic.

Down to Earth 

This local establishment also has a wide variety of loose produce, while boasting a fresh food buffet for to-go options in fibre ware containers, or bring your own container.  


With many locations being renovated on island, Safeway has updated their bulk food section to provide options for customers to go zero-waste.  


A coffee house you’ll want to stick around and hang out in. They provide reusable mugs for customers dining in and even charge a small fee for use of a paper straw, the proceeds of which are donated to local conservation organizations.

This vegan restaurant is dedicated to being zero-waste in all aspects, acquiring produce right down the road from their own farm – Mala ‘Akala, composting all food waste, and serving meals in coconut bowls and to-go orders wrapped in ti leaves, a truly compostable takeaway container.  

Last Straw Certified

Brekkie Bowls 

If you’re looking for fresh, organic, locally sourced Acai & Pitaya Bowls & Smoothies while on the south-side of Maui, visit Brekkie Bowls for delicious food you can feel great about eating – for your tastebuds, health, and for the environment.  

Three’s Bar and Grill  

Three’s Bar and Grill is always looking for new ways to reduce their environmental impacts so you won’t find any plastic straws here, and you can feel good about eating their delicious, sustainably caught seafood. We are pleased to have them cater our cruises and have worked with them to develop a unique dinner cruise that is all about sustainable eating.

Maui Brewing Company  

With two locations on island to try out, Maui Brewing Company provides Pacific Whale Foundation with all of our spent grain bags for our Coastal Marine Debris Monitoring Kits, helping everyone keep their favorite beaches clean! We proudly serve beer exclusively from this local brewery on our vessels.

Surfside Woodfire Pizza Kitchen  

New to Lahaina town, Surfside Woodfire Pizza Kitchen has made it their top priority to be eco-friendly by providing paper straws and compostable utensils and plates.  


One of the first Maui restaurants to join Pacific Whale Foundation in the Last Straw campaign, visit here for delicious drinks with paper straws, and even see yourself on the big screen by tagging PWF and Milagro’s on Instagram showing off your pledge to reducing single-use plastics.  

Sign the pledge to RETHINK single-use plastics and learn more about how to get involved!