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This Sunday we celebrate World Whale Day! This is a day of global recognition of cetacean (whales and dolphins) conservation, spearheaded by late PWF founder Greg Kaufman and observed since our founding in 1980.  

In honor of this year’s World Whale Day, we are pleased to announce the launch of Finders Free. The Finders Free program encourages PacWhale Eco-Adventures passengers to submit high-resolution whale fluke photos for the chance to receive a complimentary future excursion! PWF researchers collect images of whale flukes, the underside of a humpback whale’s tail, to document resights of previously identified and cataloged whales — an applied research methodology known as Marked Resights.    

To participate in this innovative offering, simply submit images of humpback whale flukes captured this year aboard a PacWhale Eco-Adventures ecotour. Follow the instructions and guidelines. If the image matches an individual already logged into PWF’s extensive Humpback Whale Photo-ID catalog, participants will receive notice of a complimentary ecotour within four to six weeks of receipt of submission.  

Meets criteria: directly behind the whale’s tail & can clearly see the tail’s pigment and trailing edge

Does NOT meet criteria: bad fluke angle or out of focus

Available through the close of 2022’s whale-watching season in mid-April, PacWhale’s Finders Free program underscores PWF’s ongoing campaign to engage the public in research and conservation efforts through community science — a vital collaboration between research professionals and the public that provides additional support in executing scientific projects and collecting information for current and future studies. The overarching goal of community science is to invite educational opportunities while supplementing systematic research studies with low-cost alternatives for monitoring whales, dolphins and marine debris. Initiatives such as community science build awareness of key marine conservation issues while inspiring positive change. Learn how to get involved and help support our programs.