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Sustainable Practices of PWF Vessel Operations Honor the Earth Everyday

  • Use compostable NoTree™ cups made by World Centric, a B Corporation that upholds rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility and donates 25% of profits to organizations addressing social and environmental issues.
  • When take away containers are needed, we use compostable potato starch plates
  • Promote reusable cups and straws by going plastic straw-free and selling stainless steel straws & souvenir cups that passengers can bring back on their next PWF cruise to receive bottomless non-alcoholic beverages
  • Use Bio-compostable trash bags for waste
  • Avoid plastic lids for coffee and use wooden stir sticks
  • Sort and recycle all bottles, cans, plastic and cardboard used
  • Sell bottles of reef safe sunscreen on board at 40% off retail prices and educate passengers about the harmful impacts from oxybenzone and other sunscreen chemicals
  • We serve sustainably produced, locally sourced food and beverages, including Maui Cattle Company beef, O‘o Farm produce, and Maui Brewing Company beer. We also serve only Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainably harvested seafood
  • Rent wetsuits, which helps reduce sunscreen use in the water. They are washed with a bio-friendly soap in our own water and energy efficient washing machine. The boats are also cleaned with biodegradable soap
  • We don’t dump; we pump our vessel waste into a certified management facility
  • Conduct regular maintenance on our vessels to reduce the use of superfluous products like oil and filters
  • Our caterers provide reusable plates, silverware and napkins. Most of our catering is also delivered in reusable containers and bins that all get sent back to be used again. We discourage any use of plastic wrap or extra packaging.
  • Sustainable Tourism Certified by the Hawai‘i Eco-Tourism Association
  • Promote our Be Whale Aware and Dolphin Wise guidelines, a model of responsible wildlife watching
  • Share information on PWF conservation campaigns and how passengers can get involved. Educate and inspire our guests to love the ocean even more!