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Kaitlyn Cole

Grant Administrator

With a decade of dedicated work in the nonprofit sector, Kaitlyn brings a wide range of experience as Grant Administrator at the Pacific Whale Foundation. Raised near the coast of southern San Diego, her formative years instilled a deep-seated commitment to safeguard Earth’s natural resources. As an alumni of San Diego State University, with a degree in psychology and communication, she applies an inclusive approach to developing and optimizing impactful programs that contribute to environmental conservation. Specializing in program design, stakeholder engagement, and grants management, she recognizes the importance of cultivating mutually beneficial relationships to restore the environment for future generations. Working closely with cross-functional departments on program and funding initiatives, she is dedicated to protecting marine ecosystems and serving those affected by the Maui wildfires.

Kaitlyn is passionate about activating sustainable solutions designed to revive our intrinsic connection with nature. When not at work, you can find her playing music, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying time in the garden.