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Bob Wood

Member at Large

Driven by a lifelong passion for nature, PWF Board Member Bob Wood believes that we are collectively responsible for preserving the environment for future generations while balancing today’s real-world challenges. His unwavering commitment to PWF’s mission to protect the ocean through science and advocacy stems from a robust appreciation for the nonprofit organization’s success in facilitating the recovery of humpback whales in Hawaiian waters through “motivated focus, determined research and effective communication to a world audience.”

“It is rare that such a small nonprofit can accomplish this scale of success,” he continues. “I wanted to be a part of this culture of change.”

With more than 40 years of experience managing workflow technology, quality assurance and bottom-line performance, Bob brings to the PWF Board an acute expertise in process management, financial control and technology infrastructure as well as seasoned experience guiding nonprofit organizations through stabilization, growth and leadership transitions.

“My professional skill set revolves around financial and operation soundness for businesses,” he explains. “I would like to help the Foundation focus on these aspects as they transition through to the next evolution of their mission, allowing them to optimize and maximize their resources on research, education and conservation.”

Bob views the critical issue of marine debris as one of his primary concerns. “How can we expect to have healthy marine animals and ecosystems if the environment they live in is contaminated?” he adds. “We have become a society with an ‘out of sight / out of mind’ mentality that needs to be awakened to the negative consequence of marine debris.”

His enthusiasm for the environmental plague of debris and contamination first sparked when tasked with removing oil from affected wildlife during spills occurring between 1998 and 2013. During this time, Bob observed first-hand the destructive impact of oil spills on marine and avian wildlife and their respective habitats. “I also saw that caring and dedicated individuals can organize to execute change,” he emphasizes. “In this case, it was legislation to require double hulls on boats and barges transporting oil in domestic waterways and ocean coastlines.”

Bob admits that he is particularly drawn to the humpback whale, saying that he is constantly amazed that the ocean can support such large mammals. “In our fast-paced, quick-gratitude world, humpback whales, with their majestic shapes and graceful yet powerful swimming motions, bring an internal calm to me when I see them.”