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Pacific Whale Foundation Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season to think of others and the ways in which we show our appreciation for them being in our lives. Many of us try to accomplish this goal with considerate gifts. We have compiled a list of gift ideas that will hopefully light up the faces of your loved ones when they open their holiday gift and bring joy into their life. All proceeds go towards our non-profit efforts to protect the ocean through science and advocacy and to inspire environmental stewardship.

Gifts for Gals

For the ladies, we have an assortment of shirts, hats, jewelry, and bags.

Gifts for Guys

For the guys on your list, we have a range of shirts, bottoms, hats, and socks.

Gifts for Children 

We have toys and clothing for boys, girls, infants, and toddlers 

Gifts for anyone 

Eco-conscious Living items

Help your loved ones cut down on their plastic consumption for the good of marine animals across the globe by gifting them one of these items. You could also create an alternatives kit for the most needed everyday items, like bags, water bottles, wraps, straws, and utensils.

We also have unisex shirts, home decor, kitchen items, and more.

Adopt a Marine Animal 

Consider something unique with a gift of an adopted whale, dolphin, false killer whale, or sea turtle. This gift not only gives the recipient a special bond with a marine animal but also supports Research, Education, and Conservation programs that work to protect all marine animals and their ocean home. You can choose from three levels: 

Standard Adoption Package  

  • Receive a story of your marine animal, picture of your marine animal, a map of available sightings, and your Certificate of Adoption. 

Deluxe Adoptions Package  

  • Receive the Standard Package PLUS an ultra-soft plush whale, dolphin, or turtle and a Pacific Whale Foundation cinch bag. 

Classroom Package  

  • The classroom package is a great gift for teachers and a wonderful way to donate as an organization. Receive the Standard Package PLUS marine-animal themed lesson plans for grades K-8, a realistic model of a whale (or turtle), and other educational classroom materials.  

Name a Marine Animal 

Take your adoption one step further and name a whale, dolphin, or false killer whale in honor of a loved one. We have nearly 800 spinner and bottlenose dolphins, nearly 7,000 humpback whales, and 120 false killer whales in our catalogs that are waiting to be named! When you name an animal, it will become available for adoption by people across the globe and feature information about the name.  

Browse all PWF items on our Ocean Store website. We hope to help you and your loved ones fill your holidays with joy!