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K4F Celebrates Maui Whale Festival Vendor Spotlight

Maui Whale Festival continues as Pacific Whale Foundation and Kihei 4th Friday Town Party team up to celebrate the humpback whale and other marine animals with live music by Anuhea, Kimié Miner, and Paula Fuga, local vendors, ono food, keiki activities, eco programs, and free ocean themed fun for all ages. One of the local vendors that will be celebrating with us is The Aloha Shack, owned by Kelly Henry, who shared the following:

The Aloha Shack was built on the idea that beautiful things can be made out of common and discarded materials. I love beachcombing and the excitement of finding a perfect piece of sea glass or a perfectly surf tumbled shell; but equally satisfying is taking something old, broken, or “useless” and creating something beautiful. Not only is my art made almost entirely from repurposed and recycled materials, but all of my signage and a good potion of my display also. The large gold “Aloha Shack” sign that you will see hanging is part of an old wooden boat deck that washed ashore at Kahului Harbor. My packaging is made from tie dyed sheets…an extra layer of aloha that customers really appreciate.

I love talking to customers about exactly what materials have gone into the mobiles, wreaths, jewelry…I use everything! Authentic surf tumbled glass and shell, machine tumbled glass that I create myself from broken stained glass, perfume bottles, trash I find on the beach etc. Our island is small and our resources are limited…it is our duty to do what is right, to live with aloha, and to get creative with our “waste.”

At the end of the day I feel satisfied knowing I made something beautiful, shared something beautiful, and hopefully helped to make our island just a little cleaner. Who knows, maybe my ideas will inspire others to see and use “trash” in a new way too.

Join in the free community festivities February 22 from 6-9pm at Azeka Shopping Center in Kihei!