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Introducing Sustainable Sushi at Sea

We are thrilled to introduce our newest luxury dining experience: Sustainable Sushi at Sea.

This trip is limited to only 60 guests on a 147 passenger, ultra-smooth catamaran for a more intimate and attentive event and includes complimentary sake, wine, cocktails and beer to enjoy with your delicious pupu, sushi, and sunset views.

This cruise is meant to offer passengers an enjoyable time on the water while also educating them about sustainable seafood practices.

Fish stocks around the world are being depleted and fishing gear is a major health concern for marine animals but there are better ways we can harvest fish that don’t jeopardize the health and sustainability of the ocean. As part of our mission to protect the ocean through science and advocacy and inspire environmental stewardship, we are urging seafood eaters to follow our “Choose Sustainable Seafood” recommendations, found on our conservation page.

Travis Morrin, co-owner of Three’s Bar & Grill, adding the finishing touches

We are proud to partner with ʻAipono Maui Restaurant Award Winner Three’s Bar & Grill to bring you sustainable seafood selections that are PWF research team approved. Three’s chef will prepare the sushi on board to guarantee an impeccable sushi dining experience. Throughout the cruise, our Certified Marine Naturalist shares detailed information on the sustainable seafood practices of each offering as it is served to standing room guests and shares interesting insights into Maui history with accompanying music.

This Kampachi Farms Aquapod® is stocked with around 2,000 kampachi, attached only to a feed barge, which drifts with the currents offshore of the Big Island. The constant movement prevents build up of waste.
  • Kampachi avocado roll – Kampachi is also known as Almaco Jack and is in the same family as yellowtail and amberjack. It has a clean, rich, slightly nutty flavor and firm texture, making it an unsurpassed choice for sushi and sashimi. The Kampachi we are serving comes from Kampachi Farms on Hawai‘i Island. They use a unique aquaculture technique that avoids damaging any ocean ecosystems with fish living in an Aquapod that drifts with the currents between 3 – 75 miles offshore. They also use sustainable fish feed made from agricultural proteins, such as U.S.-grown soybeans instead of fishmeal and fish oil from wild stocks, which results in one of the tastiest, most versatile, and healthiest fish available.
  • Spicy tuna roll – This Hawaiian yellowfin tuna is sport pole-caught, avoiding bycatch that is common with gillnet and longline fishing. Bycatch is fish or other marine species that are caught unintentionally while targeting a different species and dolphins, turtles, and false killer whales all have notoriously high bycatch rates with longline fishing methods. One of our current research targets is the endangered population of false killer whales found only in the nearshore waters of the Main Hawaiian Islands, so we only support fishing methods that do not further endanger them.
  • California crab roll – The crab for this roll is domestic snow crab caught in Alaska & Canada using crab pots and is a Seafood Watch ‘Best Choice’ option, meaning the population is healthy, bycatch and habitat impacts are minimal and management is highly effective. This delicious and sustainably caught crab is a perfect pairing with the certified organic upcountry avocados.
  • Maui vegetable roll – All the vegetables in this deluxe veggie roll come from Kumu Farms located on 60 acres in Waikapu Maui. There they grow over 35 crops and work with the community and local chefs to ensure a sustainable future.

Delicious pupu include edamame, fresh fruit, crispy veggie spring rolls and mango tequila shrimp ceviche

PWF purser Abby Rumph presents crispy veggie spring rolls

So, come out on the water with us and enjoy some sake and sushi at sea for sunset and learn along the way!

Together, we can make a difference while enjoying ourselves at the same time. The more often seafood is purchased from sustainably harvested seafood operations, the more that market will be pushed in a sustainable direction!

In choosing to dine with us, you ensure access to high quality ResearchEducation and Conservation programs for this generation and the next as we work together to protect the ocean.