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Giving Tuesday Now Online Auction

Support Pacific Whale Foundation in the continuation of our mission to protect the ocean through science and advocacy and inspire environmental stewardship by participating in our Giving Tuesday Now event, running through next Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. Usually held near the end of the year, a special Giving Tuesday event will take place Tuesday, May 5 as a response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

Now celebrating its 40th year as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the mission of Pacific Whale Foundation is to protect the ocean through science and advocacy and inspire environmental stewardship. A few highlights from years past of efforts we championed include leading a successful effort to ban whaling in the Kingdom of Tonga, initiating non-invasive humpback whale research in the South Pacific, starting the first humpback whale photo-identification project in Australia, stopping the operation of a high-speed ferry through calving grounds, banning plastic bags in Maui County, banning smoking and tobacco use at Maui County beaches and parks, banning the display of captive cetaceans in Maui County and stopping a dolphinarium in Ecuador, and designating the Hawai‘i population of false killer whales as endangered.

About one-third of our funding is provided through our social enterprise, PacWhale Eco-Adventures – which has been closed since March 19 due to the COVID-19 crisis, but we are still continuing our work to protect the ocean and the animals that live within, as well as bring you virtual offerings from every department.

Current PWF Research projects include The Biology and Status of the Endangered False Killer Whales of Maui Nui, tracking through our North and South Pacific Humpback Whale Catalogs, Defining Boundaries of the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins in Maui Nui, Preventing Marine Debris through Effective Outreach and Policy, Health assessment of North Pacific humpback whales in coordination with the Marine Mammal Research Program at the University of Hawaii, Migratory Interchange of Humpback Whales in South America, Humpback Whales in Machalilla National Park, Swim-With-Whales Impact Study, and funding of the Alfaguara (Blue Whale) Project in Chile.

Our Conservation department is currently focused on marine debris and our RETHINK campaign to inspire the use of alternatives to everyday single-use plastics in order to save marine life. PWF Education is working to share fun and educational activities to do at home that connect you and your keiki to the underwater world.

Two-thirds of our funding for this work is provided by people who believe in our mission: Members, donors and marine mammal adopters. Since PacWhale Eco-Adventures operations are not running, we are depending on this support now more than ever. As we enter our third month of stay-at-home programming, we call upon our heroes to help this organization survive. Please, if you feel compelled by our work in Research, Education and Conservation for the protection of the world’s whales, dolphins and other marine animals living wild in their natural habitat, check out our #GivingTuesdayNow event and give what you can. Now is a great time to give for you as well! As part of the CARES Stimulus Act, Congress decided to jump-start charitable giving by offering taxpayers a charitable deduction for up to $300 in donations.

At our auction you will find items such as artwork, Lilly Pulitzer reusable water bottles, commemorative shirts, dinnerware, $5 donation options and more. The event begins at 12:00am HST, Tuesday, May 5th and will end at 11:55pm HST Tuesday, May 12. Help spread the message by sharing Pacific Whale Foundation’s event on Facebook and Instagram with the tags #givingtuesdaynow and @pacificwhalefoundation. Together, we are making a difference!