Scholarships for Keiki Programs

Pacific Whale Foundation’s Scholarships for Keiki Programs help to ensure that all children (or “keiki” in Hawaiian) are able to enjoy outdoor environmental education programs, regardless of their families’ financial situation. Scholarships are available for Ocean Camp, Keiki Whalewatch, and other educational field trips and activities.

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To see the look of wonder on a child’s face when he sees a whale for the first time … To witness a youngster’s confidence grow as she explores a tidepool or looks through a microscope … To watch a group of students from all different backgrounds learning from and with each other … These are just some of the benefits of giving hundreds of Maui schoolchildren the opportunity to experience rich and meaningful science-based adventures in the natural world.

Education experts point out that the amount of time a child spends outdoors before age 11 plays a large role in determining whether the child will grow up to care about the environment. However, children today are increasingly disconnected from nature, spending half as much time outside today as the previous generation. Many youngsters devote more than 40 hours each week to video games, TV or the Internet. And as schools strive to meet new standards for math and reading, teachers are pressured to reduce time spent outside the classroom and outdoor education suffers as a result.

How do we expect a child to grow into an adult who cares about saving the coral reefs, whales, birds, forests, or the ocean – if they’ve never spent time around them or been actively engaged to appreciate them?

With just an $8 donation, you can send one child on a whalewatch. Donate $160 and you can send an entire class in a Title I school. For your donation of $360, you can send a youngster in need to Ocean Camp for an entire week. With your help, we can inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

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Our thoughts go out to all that are being impacted by COVID-19. With a team dedicated to our response to this pandemic, we are meeting regularly to ensure the continuation of programs and services that allow our mission work to continue.

Pacific Whale Foundation’s leadership team is closely monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19. We will continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials and government agencies on an ongoing basis.

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