Whale season still in ample swing

The weather proved amiable for whale watching Tuesday, as Ultimate Whale Watch guests climbed aboard Ocean Liberty.  They were ardently awaiting the opportunity to appreciate the humpback whales that aggregate around Hawaii for their mating and birthing aspirations each year.  Our astonishing whale watch affirmed that the mating and birthing season is still in ample swing. 

We first approached a calf displaying its new acrobatic breaching abilities.  Luckily for the audience on board, the calf’s mother and associated male escort also demonstrated adequate breaching etiquette.  We appreciated this animated group for approximately 30 minutes then advanced towards other animals in the area.

We ended our adventure by deploying a hydrophone (underwater microphone) to eavesdrop on whale sounds underwater.  While listening, a large pod of 8 animals approached.  This was an extremely active pod, articulating their aggressive competitive nature this time of year.  Anyone assuming peak whale season is almost ending….would have altered that opinion on this whale watch!!



mhswabb says:

Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures of whales. I agree that we need to protect the whales and our oceans. Mahalo!

Daniel Brandt (visitor) says:

Please save the whales, many brutal people are killing the whales for money, the navy forces need to be more active in this regards. thanks