Adopt a Whale


  • Personalized Adoption Certificate
  • Picture of your whale
  • Story of your whale
  • Sightings Map of your whale


  • Standard package plus…
  • Ultra-soft plush humpback whale
  • Tote bag


  • Standard package plus…
  • Realistic humpback whale model, made of recycled plastic
  • “Why Whales Do That!” DVD
  • 125 Fun Facts About Humpbacks full-color book
  • Whale-themed lesson plans for grades K-8





  • Chevron down LINDSAY
  • Lindsay was sighted by Pacific Whale Foundation’s team in Hawai’i, off the coast of Maui, during the winter of 2012. Based on data collected on thousands of other humpback whales like Lindsay, we believe that Lindsay spends summer in much cooler waters, most likely in the area that extends from Northern California to the coast of Alaska, by the Bering Sea. This means Lindsay traveled a tremendous distance—an estimated 5,000 to 7,000 miles—to migrate there from Hawaii. We do not know how long such a journey would take for Lindsay, but scientists believe that on average, the trip takes between 30 to 60 days.

  • Chevron down TEODORO
  • Teodoro is a male humpback whale that has been sighted four times by Pacific Whale Foundation’s Research Team off the coast of Ecuador, often in competition pods, vying for the closest position near a female. Teadoro has a t-shaped mark on its tail flukes, which makes it easy for the researchers to identify it. The “T” is one reason this whale was named Teodoro. But there are other reasons for its name. If you change the first letter “O” to an “A” it becomes “teAdoro” which in Spanish means “I adore you.”

  • Chevron down HEAVEN
  • Heaven was first sighted on April 13, 1989 in the Au’au Channel, which is located between the islands of Maui and Lanai. The Hawaiian word au’au’ means ‘to take a bath’which refers to the generally calm, bath-like conditions of this area. The channel is so calm, because it is surrounded by four islands : Maui to the east, Lanai to the west, Moloka’i to the north, and Kaho’olawe to the south. The channel isn’t very deep. It reaches about 108 feet deep. It spans only about nine miles between Maui and Lanai.

  • Chevron down AKAMAI MAKA
  • Akamai Maka is a humpback whale from Hawaiian waters named by David Shontz in honor of Stephanie Shontz. Adopt Akamai Maka to learn what this whale’s name means and about humpback whales in general.