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FACT OF THE WEEK: Hairy Humpback Whales

Fact Of The Week

FACT OF THE WEEK: Humpback whales have hair! MORE ON THIS: You probably know that whales and dolphins are marine mammals. Marine mammals, like terrestrial or land mammals, must have a certain set of characteristics to be called mammals – these include giving birth to live young and having hairs on their bodies. But where are…

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“Go Wild!” The Paradoxical "Promotion" of Hawaii’s 50th State Fair

As SeaWorld celebrates its 50th anniversary, Hawaii hosts its annual 50th State Fair. The theme—”Go Wild!”  The paradox—the display of captive animals, such as a sea lion performance, to “promote” this. The Paradoxical `Promotion’ of Hawaii’s 50th State Fair Last week at Pacific Whale Foundation Discovery Center,…

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