Dr. Kate Sprogis is an Australian researcher whose expertise lies in the behavioral ecology of whales and dolphins. Dr. Sprogis has been leading PWF’s field studies on whales and dolphins in Hervey Bay since 2020. Kate has over a decade of experience studying the impacts of human activities on cetaceans, including the behavioral responses of migrating humpback whales to swim-with-whale activities and the acoustic impact of whale watching vessels on humpback whales in Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia. Kate also has experience conducting dolphin research; producing abundance estimates and home range estimations for Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in southwestern Australia.


Memberships and affiliations:

Kate advises on anthropogenic impacts to cetaceans to: the Australian government (e.g. the Western Australia Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions; Victorian government), and is a scientific expert for the World Cetacean Alliance whale watching review panel.
Kate currently serves as a member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy and is co-founder of the Society of Marine Mammalogy Australian/NZ student chapter.