Photo Donations

Share your photos of dolphin dorsal fins and humpback whale flukes with the research department. Photo-identification of cetaceans found in Hawaii, Australia and Ecuador has been part of our ongoing research efforts since 1980. By donating your photo, you will help us monitor life history traits, population abundance trends, and habitat use patterns for the following species: humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, spinner dolphins, false killer whales, short-finned pilot whales, melon-headed whales, rough-toothed dolphins, pygmy sperm whales, dwarf sperm whales, and pygmy killer whales.

For each photo, please include when and where it was taken. If taken on a PacWhale ecotour, provide name of the vessel, date and departure time. Otherwise, please provide date and time of the photo as well as location of the sighting in either GPS coordinates or by detailed description.

Please send a high-resolution file and make no prior edits to your photo. Not all fluke and fin photos are of sufficient quality or suitable to be used for photo-identification purposes. If you are unsure, send us what you have.

Send photos to [email protected] with “Photo Donation” in subject line. All donation photos are cataloged with the name and contact information of the donor and we will notify you of any re-sightings that occur.

 Download Photo Donation Poster