Prevent Vessel Collisions with Marine Animals

    I pledge to check with my chosen Maui Nui ocean-tour operator if they follow Go Slow—Whales Below guidelines established to reduce the risk of collisions between vessels and marine animals.

    Help minimize the risk of vessel collisions with marine animals further with the following actions:

    • Reduce shipping needs by shopping locally whenever possible

    • Purchase locally sourced produce and other items from farmers markets and small businesses in the area where you live

    • When booking an excursion on a boat or operating a boat, follow official recommended guidelines for boater and marine wildlife safety

    • Support organizations developing and implementing marine wildlife conservation tools such as whale detection technology, vessel collision hot spot mapping and whale warning systems that alert mariners in real time

    Area of Residence

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    Hawaii Visitor Update

    Aloha, We Are Open!  Our PacWhale Eco-Adventures are open for booking as we welcome visitors back to Maui.  Quarantine restrictions were lifted on Oct. 15th for those following the state’s pre-arrival COVID-19 testing requirements.