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Josh Heimowitz

Ryan Randazzo

Tim Trenholme

Nakaielua Ribao

Steve Mullins

JJ Freier

Kenz Perillo

Susan Frett

Growing up in a small town in western Iowa, Susan has an innate love for all animals and the natural world.  Since visiting the ocean as a child, she has been passionate about protecting the ocean and all the creatures living within it.  After earning a bachelor’s in Environmental Science with a water quality focus … Continued

Kagan Jenkins

Kagan graduated summa cum laude from the Honors College at Auburn University in 2015, with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication and History. Diving headfirst into the nonprofit world, she instantly recognized her passion for fundraising and outreach, leading her to earn her Master of Public Administration from Pennsylvania State University in 2018. Prior … Continued

Torrie Kinley

Torrie is a graduate of Long Beach City College in California and California State University, Long Beach, where she earned a degree in Communications Studies. Torrie has generously volunteered her time to numerous non-profit organizations, gaining valuable insight into the world of Development. Additionally, she has been actively involved in various programs involving equality and … Continued