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Pacific Whale Foundation Maui Adventure Guide • 2012
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Pacific Whale Foundation Maui Adventure Guide • 2012
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“It [social enterprise] is not a new concept,” reported The Washington Post. “Girl Scouts sell cookies each year, Goodwill sets up retail
stores and even the National Zoo sells its animal dung as a gourmet fertilizer called Zoo Doo.”
“Right now in our current economy, I think it’s imperative that charitable organizations look at other avenues to generate money,”
said Martin Schwartz in an article in
Fundraising Success
. Schwartz is President of Vehicles For Change, a Washington, D.C. nonprofit
that raises funds by selling used cars. “And the beauty of it is that once you get the venture up and running, you can count on it on
a regular basis — as opposed to fundraising, where in a poor economy like today, donations wither and foundation and government
funds get tighter and tighter.”
Pacific Whale Foundation, counted among the world’s largest environmental organizations, is based here on Maui and offers an
effective role model for other nonprofits interested in social enterprise as a way to generate needed income. Through educational
whalewatches and ocean ecotours, Pacific Whale Foundation raises money for its research, education and conservation programs.
But that’s not all. The whalewatches and ocean ecotours also allow Pacific Whale Foundation to teach more than 300,000 people
each year about the ocean and marine conservation, thus fulfilling part of the organization’s mission.
“We were very fortunate to stumble upon this way of meeting our mission and generating income,” says Greg Kaufman, Founder
and President of Pacific Whale Foundation. “It has allowed us to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to support
humpback whale research projects in Hawai‘i, Australia, Ecuador, Tonga and other parts of the Pacific, as well as studies of
odontocetes (toothed whales and dolphins) off the coasts of Maui and Lana‘i. We’ve also been able to provide marine education
programs for thousands of local schoolchildren, work on numerous marine conservation issues and be involved in the international
effort to end whaling worldwide.”
“Pacific Whale Foundation has been very successful, because we offer great
cruises – and because the public values our commitment to protecting the
environment and working on behalf of whales, dolphins and other marine life,”
says Kaufman. “As a nonprofit environmental organization, we have a green,
sustainable philosophy that is the governing factor in every aspect of our
ecotour operation.”
“The purpose of our Pacific Whale Foundation’s ecotours is to raise funds for
our research, education and conservation programs, but the real bottom line
is to model the best practices for environmentally responsible wildlife
watching and to encourage our guests to become actively involved in ocean
stewardship,” he notes. “It’s all part of our mission to protect our
oceans through science and advocacy.”
“Maui’s Best Activity Company”
– Maui Time Weekly, “Best of 2011” Readers’ Poll
“Best Environmental Attraction”
– The Maui News, 2011 “Best of Maui” Readers’ Poll
Hero of Agriculture, Food and Environment Award:
“An Environmental Supporter Who Does
Their Work with Excellence”
– Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawai‘i
“Best Environmental Nonprofit”
– Maui Time Weekly, “Best of 2010” Readers’ Poll
“William M. Benkert Marine Environmental
Bronze Award for Excellence”
– United States Coast Guard
Pacific Whale Foundation
A Unique Nonprofit Model for
Social Enterprise
With fewer grants available today,
nonprofits are raising money by selling
products and services related to their
mission. It’s called social enterprise.
On Maui, the nonprofit Pacific Whale
Foundation offers a successful model in
social enterprise, based on 32 years of
operating ocean ecotours.
Award Winning Nonprofit
Pacific Whale Foundation has received numerous awards and
accolades for its ecotour operations, including:
“Hot 100” Blue List (World’s Top Ecotourism Choices)
– Islands Magazine
“Work Boat Environmental Awards:
Judges Special Recognition Award for
Comprehensive Environmental Management”
– WorkBoat Magazine, 2011
“Investing in the Environment” Award
– Island Business Magazine
Hawai’i Tourism Authority “Keep It Hawai’i”
– Lehua Maka Noe Award
Hawai‘i Ecotourism Association’s Green Certification
– Silver Certified, 2011