Skyline Hawai’i
Skyline Hawai’i offers zipline tours and vehicle tours of Haleakala National Park. An eco-tourism company passionate about conservation, we have donated nearly $1.25m to local environmental and conservation non-profits since 2022, while also working to restore a native Hawaiian forest at Pohakoukaia Gulch, planting more than 21,000 native trees and reintroducing 38 native species to the area.
La Kahea Community Farm
Lā Kāhea Community Farm’s 10 acres is positioned on a 300 acre conservation easement in the heart of Waikapu on the island of Maui, Hawaii. For over 140 years, the former sugarcane and pineapple land was farmed by agriculture corporations using degenerative methods. This left the landscape void of diverse biological life essential for nutrient dense crops to thrive. Today, the easement is managed by Hawaii Taro Farm and supports over 12 different farming operations including conventional, transitioning, and regenerative farmers, all existing together with a shared effort to feed the local community. At Lā Kāhea, our mission is centered around education. Agriculture, Community, Sustainability and Spirituality are our pillars of focus. We advocate/highlight ways to create regenerative change in our world by providing a positive environment and fun opportunities for people to connect and engage with the land and each other.
Makoa Quest
Makoa Quest is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization dedicated to Hawaiian cultural restoration. We partner with Native Hawaiian Cultural Practitioners who lead culturally-immersive, educational and interactive Quests for private groups. Our quests raise funds for free cultural programming to those in need on Maui. Makoa Quests are experiential tours that immerse you in the heart of Hawaiian culture and are led by Hawaiian Cultural Practitioners. Each Quest ignites a meaningful relationship with the wisdoms of traditional life-ways. Each Quest evokes a deep sense of connection allowing you to meet your own life’s challenges with courage. These rare experiences give you access to private land and the opportunity to learn in-depth, place-based understandings. Let your engagement with the heart of the land open the door to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors and support the perpetuation of living cultures for the next generation.
Alexandar & Baldwin Sugar Cane Museum
Explore the History of Sugar on Maui
Maui Dragon Fruit Farm
Maui Dragon Fruit Farm is a 27-acre USDA certified organic farm.  It is in West Maui and specializes in growing dragon fruit and other delicious, exotic fruit. We offer tropical food tasting tours and alpaca tours. We are also the official location for Paradie Eco-Adventures who offer exciting experiences the whole family will enjoy. Maui Dragon Fruit Farm continues the tradition of agriculture on Maui. Our goal is to encourage people to live prosperously and in harmony with the land.
Explore Maui Nature
Explore Maui Nature was initially created by Beth Lariviere, a wildlife biologist who wanted to provide visitors to Maui with a different kind of experience; one that focused on the natural world. In the most geographically isolated place on Earth (Hawaii!), she met Delphine Berbigier, another passionate advocate for the island, and the owner of a five-star tour company, Unique Maui Tours. Together, they worked to provide visitors with the most exceptional tour experiences; one that focused on being a part of it all, from a geological, biological, cultural, and historic perspective. Beth eventually moved to the mainland and Delphine took over the operations. Today, Explore Maui Nature offers extraordinary tours on Maui because you won’t just “see” the best sights. You’ll experience the island with guides who care deeply about its future, and who want to share the intricacies and the beauty that is Maui with you. From Maui nature tours including birdwatching to hiking and exploring Haleakala and Hana, we can plan the perfect Maui excursion for you to experience this magical isle. Allow us to introduce you to the island’s splendor with great expertise. Explore Maui Nature also recognizes the importance and significance of diacritical markings in ʻŌlelo Hawai’i (Hawaiian language) including the ‘okina [‘] or glottal stop and the kahakō [ō] or macron (e.g., in place names of Hawai ‘i such as Lāna‘i). However, to provide a seamless online experience for our visitors, these diacritical markings have been omitted throughout our website. While on tour with us, we encourage you to ask your guide about ʻŌlelo Hawai’i and learn proper pronunciation–it is not as hard as you think, and you will have fun trying!
Unique Maui Tours
Unique Maui Tours is a small, locally owned and operated sustainable tourism company. We take your safety, enjoyment, and education seriously! We are a portal to the best tours on Maui, Hawaii as our guides are highly trained professionals who care deeply about the island they are operating on. Our tour operators will take you to spots that large tour operators cannot go to due to group size. We limit our tours to small, private groups who can choose the best tour highlights for them, ensuring an exceptional experience of Hawaii. Check out our sister site Explore Maui Nature to learn more about the range of tours we offer on the island.
O’o Farm
O’o Farm is a scenic parcel of land in upcountry Maui above Kula dedicated to culinary farming and agritourism. The farm cultivates about 130 distinct crops in rotation. The land is maintained with sustainability at the forefront of decision-making, and crops are naturally cultivated using a no-till approach. The farm is near the top of Haleakala volcano at 3,600 feet. O’o Farm results from the owner’s extraordinary commitment to providing quality local produce and delivering a true farm-to-table experience. O’o Farm hosts guests through two distinct tour experiences: a Seed-to-Cup Coffee & Brunch Experience and a Farm-to-Table Lunch and Farmer Field Walk, both of which introduce guests to small commercial farming, organic farming techniques, native Hawaiian plants, beneficial insects, crop management methods, and how the farm team cares for the ʻaina sustainably. Both tours are walking farm tours led by a knowledgeable farming team member, making frequent stops throughout the farm, culminating in a nutritious, multi-course meal, served family style, and prepared by the O’o Farm Chef and team. Passionately founded in 2000 by owners Louis Coulombe and Stephan Bel-Robert, O’o Farm continues to operate with the best interests of the land, the team, and the island community in mind. O’o Farm is united in providing their guests with a unique selection of quality fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other produce, grown using natural and organic methods, sustaining the “aina” naturally in accord with sound ecological principals and local traditions, enhancing the intrinsic natural beauty of the farm, and hosting and educating guests in an inviting, hospitable, memorable, and celebratory way.


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