Ocean Camp

Campers can join us for a day, a week, or a whole summer on a journey of discovery, learning and adventure, exploring topics from whales to conservation and more.

Reservation Information

Weekly or daily enrollment is available. If you are registering for more than one day, we recommend purchasing an Ocean Camp Pass. After you complete your pass purchase, you will receive a code that will allow you to register for single days of camp.

Summer Ocean Camp

Dates:  June 5 – August 4, 2017

Days/Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm

*unless otherwise noted

  • June 5-9: Stewards of the Sea
  • Join us as we kick off the summer session with a week all about how we can help protect the oceans.  Through our daily field trips and activities, we will learn about marine life and things we can do to keep the oceans clean and safe for the living things that call it home.  And in honor of World Oceans Day this week, we will be participating in a coastal cleanup as we become stewards of the sea!

  • June 12-16: Surf’s Up!
  • Waves and ocean currents drive the movement of life in the ocean.  This week we will learn about the processes of waves and currents and the life in the surf zone and coastal areas of the ocean, all while having fun in the sun and surf!  The week will conclude with a celebration of World Sea Turtle Day on a trip to snorkel with some Hawaiian green sea turtles!

  • June 19-23: Ahoy Matey!
  • People have been voyaging across the oceans for thousands of years.  This week, we will learn about some of this history, including Hawaiian voyaging canoes, navigation, nautical terminology and some seafaring skills.  All of this seafaring history will be infused with connections to the marine life that these seafarers encountered and discovered along the way.  The week will conclude with a trip aboard one of our vessels where we can practice using our nautical terms at sea!

  • June 26-30: Marine Cuisine
  • What’s on the menu for this week?  We will be learning all about who eats whom in the ocean.  We will also explore the unique diets and eating habits of some of our marine life.  And we may even taste test some marine cuisine ourselves!

  • July 3-7: Meet the Natives
  • The ocean surrounding the Hawaiian Islands is home to hundreds of native species.  In total, nearly 90% of the animals in the Hawaiian Islands are endemic (found nowhere else in the world).  This week we will learn about native Hawaiian species found on land and in the sea as our field trips guide us to explore native coral reef and forest habitats.

  • July 10-14: Creatures of the Deep
  • The deep sea is home to some of the most unique creatures in the world.  This week we will travel into the deep, dark depths of the ocean as we learn about some of the creatures that call this habitat home.  Campers will become virtual deep sea explorers as they learn about the different adaptations that help animals live in the depths of the ocean.  From creatures that make their own light to the enormous giant squid, we will become immersed in knowledge of creatures of the deep!

  • July 17-21: From Lava to Life
  • The Hawaiian Islands began forming about 65 million years ago, beginning as bare lava rock.  The islands are now teeming with life.  Join us as we explore the Hawaiian Islands’ volcanic origins, learn how living things colonized the lava, and gain an appreciation for the organisms that call the islands and surrounding oceans their home. The week will even include a visit to a unique habitat found within the lava fields.

  • July 24-28: Things With Wings
  • The week will fly by as we learn about some of the “things with wings” that live in Hawaii!  Birds may be the first things with wings you think of now, but they certainly won’t be by the end of the week!  In addition to gaining an appreciation for the seabirds of Hawaii, we will also learn about ocean things with wings like manta rays, flying fish, and even humpback whales!

  • July 31-August 4: Reef Relationships
  • Coral reefs are considered the rainforests of the sea because they contain so much diverse life!  This week we will take a close look at the relationships between some of the many organisms that call coral reefs their home, allowing them to live harmoniously alongside one another – some closer than others!  As always, our week will conclude with a visit to snorkel on the coral reef and see some of these reef relationships firsthand.

General Field Trip Schedule:

  • Monday –Museum-type site
  • Tuesday – Beach
  • Wednesday – Land-based field trip
  • Thursday – Surfing/Windsurfing
  • Friday – Molokini snorkel


Camp registration fee is $80 per day or $325 for the week. Pacific Whale Foundation Members receive the discounted rate of $64 per day or $260 for the week. Last minute registration (24 hours prior to or day-of camp) is $88 per day ($70 for Pacific Whale Foundation Members).

Other resources to help you:

To register by phone: Call Pacific Whale Foundation at (808) 249-8811 ext. 1 between 6 am and 9pm (HST) any day of the week.

To register in person: Visit Pacific Whale Foundation’s administrative offices at the Ma’alaea Harbor Shops (off Route 30, Honoapiilani Highway, next door to Maui Ocean Center). Our offices are open from 9 am to 6 pm daily.