Young Conservationists With Big Ideas


Young conservationists with big ideas in Lidel school Puerto Lopez!

On Monday July 25 the environmental education team in Ecuador visited the school Lidel in Puerto Lopez. It is an educational establishment which has more economic resources than other schools where we were. The director had already invested in the projection room so children can watch movies like in the movies! There´s only cinema in Manta, a city in two hours from Puerto Lopez.

First, Carolina presented the various marine mammals and their characteristics especially the humpback whale. And then the children have to identify them in the videos. They were all future conservationists…  

What can you do to reduce waste in the ocean? Invest in a submarine to clean the entire ocean! 

And to protect the whales from the hunters? When I was grownup I would own a navy boat to prevent hunting!

So there´s hope for the future ...