Posted on: February 7, 2012

Whalewatch with Pacific Whale Foundation President on Feb. 19

Pacific Whale Foundation’s President and Founder, Greg Kaufman, will be leading a special whalewatch cruise on Saturday, February 19. A pioneer in whale research and efforts to save whales, Greg has written three books about whales and is an invited participant in the International Whaling Commissions Scientific Committee.  During this special whalewatch, Greg will provide insightful commentary and expert interpretation of the whales’ intriguing behaviors.  

This two hour cruise departs at 11:30 on Sunday, February 19 on Ocean Explorer from Ma'alaea Harbor. Each party will receive a free autographed copy of Humpbacks of Hawaii: The Long Journey Back, co-authored by Greg Kaufman.
Greg Kaufman’s efforts to protect whales began in the 1970s; he traveled throughout the United States and Europe, educating the public about the plight of endangered whales and demanding an end to commercial whaling. In 1975, he came to Hawaii, the primary mating and calving area for humpback whales of the North Pacific, and began some of the first field studies of the behavior of live whales in this area.

A pioneer in noninvasive whale research, Kaufman founded Pacific Whale Foundation in 1980 and committed his new organization to educating the public from a scientific perspective about whales and their ocean habitat. Since then, Kaufman proved to be a world leader in addressing whale protection issues, and has pioneered responsible whale- and dolphin-watching programs throughout the Pacific. He is widely acknowledged as an innovator and leader in marine ecotourism. Kaufman’s work on humpback whale research has taken him to every corner of the Pacific and has resulted in the most complete and extensive catalog of humpback whale fluke identification photographs in the Southern Hemisphere. 

During 2011, Kaufman attended the International Whaling Commission's Scientific Committee Meeting in Tromso, Norway. He was also invited by the United Nations Environment Programme to serve as the keynote speaker at a workshop in Panama on whalewatching in the Caribbean during the fall of 2011. During late summer and early fall, he also spent two months studying humpback whales along the eastern coast of Australia. He also attended meetings in Australia in December with a team of researchers who are creating a catalog of Australian humpback whale fluke identification data.
Whale sightings on this special cruise are guaranteed, or you get a free ticket for a regular Pacific Whale Foundation whalewatch.  The price is $49.95 for adults and $34.95 for children ages 7 -12. Children ages 6 and under go free. Book online at and save 10%. Pacific Whale Foundation Members save 20%. For reservations, please call Pacific Whale Foundation at (808) 249-8811 ext. 1.