A Whale Named María Isabel

The past two days in Puerto Lopez have been bright and sunny. I'm really pleased, because we are now finding very active whales near the coast. Today I found one that reminded me of a whale we observed and named “Maria Isabel” a few years ago.

María Isabel, which means Mary Elizabeth, was a whale that was found in 2006 near the coast and was always seen with her fluke in the air. I named her after the Minister of Tourism at the time because she was the first authority to recognize the problems of these animals. Because of this, the Minister wanted to protect them more. She also helped Ecuador become part of the International Whaling Commission
The photo included of Maria Isabel shows, the dry forest, the rainforest, cliffs and also the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Lopez. We have 3 different types of forest all within the same area: dry forest, rainforest and fog forest.

As we are doing research from the tourist vessels, it is always very encouraging to watch the tourists as they see whales for the first time. Many of them are silent on the boat ride out of the harbor, always watching the sea, but when they find whales they burst with energy. They always start to ask me lots of questions; it's like they have woken up.



Melanie (visitor) says:

I have never been on a whale watching trip but someday really soon, I hope to have the opportunity to take one. I think it would be a wonderful experience. I don't know how excited I would become because i think I would just take in as much as possible.

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