VIP Whalewatch with Greg Kaufman

02/17/2013 - 10:30am - 12:30pm
From Lahaina Harbor
Is a MWF event: 
This is a MWF event

Go whalewatching with one of the world’s foremost authorities on humpback whales of the Pacific! Greg Kaufman, the founder and Executive Director of Pacific Whale Foundation, is the author of four books about humpback whales. He was an early pioneer in non-invasive whale research and a leader in efforts to help save them from extinction. Kaufman has been studying whales throughout the Pacific for more than 35 years, in far-flung places including Hawaii, Australia, Ecuador, Tonga, Japan and Alaska. He’s also a member of the International Whaling Commission’s Scientific Committee and an invited speaker at numerous international workshops on responsible whalewatching.

 During this special whalewatch cruise, Greg will provide insightful commentary and expert interpretation of the whales’ intriguing behaviors. This two hour cruise departs at 10:30 am from Lahaina Harbor. Whale sightings are guaranteed, or you get a free ticket for a regular Pacific Whale Foundation whalewatch. Price is $49.95 for adults, $34.95 for children ages 7 -12. Children ages 6 and under go free. Book online at and save 10%. Pacific Whale Foundation Members save 20%. For information or reservations, please call (808) 249-8811 ext. 1