Ultimate Calf Whale Watch

On Tuesday, January 15, 2013, we hosted our second successful Ultimate Whale Watch of the season.  The Porto-catered breakfast helped the guests wake for an early start.  A member of our research staff presented some background information on the humpback whale studies conducted by the PWF Research Team.

We started off our fantastic whale watch with a mom and calf pair.  The calf was seen draped across its mom’s rostrum, belly to the sky, flapping its arm-like pectoral flippers.  It appeared as though this mother was pushing her calf through the water on her head while the calf rolled around.

Our next sighting was a mom, calf, and escort group, but this calf was quite curious.  Not only did this light grey calf show us its belly in a little lazy breach, but it also came directly across the bow of Ocean Explorer, with its mom right at its side.  We also noticed the escort surface, and with very obvious signs of a recent aggressive struggle from the bloody tubercles on its rostrum.  Mom and calf swam by very slowly, and turned to cruise under the front of the vessel.  What a treat for everyone on board!!

From there we found a solo diving whale so decided to listen in.  With the help of our Junior Naturalist on board, we deployed the hydrophone to hear some loud singing.  We could hear at least 4 individuals singing nearby, with a faint backup chorus.

After an awesome whale watch, guests toured the Research Lab to get an inside look at our massive collection of data, as well as investigate some neat whale artifacts (such as baleen).  We wrapped up with a question session, thus ending a great Ultimate Whale Watch.