Teaching Ecuador's Youth how to Care for Cetaceans

July 18, 2012 Puerto López

Today I returned to the school to teach the excited students about how to take care of these magnificent cetaceans that we have in my country off the Ecuadorian coasts.  Last year there were so many emotions and experiences, not only with the students, but also with the volunteers from Pacific Whale Foundation.  We were coloring, drawing and creating new artists where training and the protection of the animals is a right and obligation for all of us as humans – we go from the smallest to the largest.

I am waiting at the entrance of Environment Ecuador. The 18 very happy students entered the class room and sat in their respective seats, and we began forming our familiarity with the marine world and becoming a part of it.

After we answered various questions, we began listening to the song of the mammals, because when we understand our place within the natural symphony, we can live in harmony with its song. We ended the day with games, the student’s favorite part!

Discipline is man’s best friend, because she comes to realize the most profound yearnings of his heart. 

From Puerto Lopez, Ecuador