A Tale of Two Days (in the same day)

"It was the worst of times, it was the best of times; it was the day of no whales, it was the day of plenty; it was the epoch of endless whitecaps, it was the epoch of becalmed seas; it was the season of rain and darkness, it was the season of sunshine and light; it was the winter of sleeping whales, it was the spring of breaching joy; we had no whales before us; we had heaps of whales before us, we were getting no data, our cup runneth over with data.” (Apologies to Charles Dickens)

Enough already of the ‘Tail of Two Whale (research days)” prose! Suffice it to say, this was the best day of our season albeit in challenging weather. Let’s let the photos and video tell the tale. G’day Greg Kaufman

Greg Kaufman


Ruth Ann (visitor) says:

These are fantastic and make me want to be there! Can hardly wait until Feb. in Maui!

Anonymous (visitor) says:

I would not have been able to be quiet either !Love the video being posted. Make them longer.

Beth Salles (visitor) says:

I have to say guys, You three either are so used to seeing breeches or your doing every thing in your power to stay quiet through filming. I would never have been able to keep my mouth shut if that thing breeched like that in front of me!!! LOL

Beth Salles (visitor) says:

I think the whales love grey and cloudy days. When we were in Maui this past December it was rough water and very cloudy out. Normally you don't have a lot of action early in December, but wow we saw a lot of breaching going on. What do you guys think?

greg says:

We know one thing for certain, they love being wet!
There doesn't appear to be a real correlation to weather, although you may see breaching more frequently on poor weather days since that is about the only thing you can see.

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