Simón Bolívar Elementary School: August 24, 2012

(Click on title to read entire post.) The day was breezy and cold as I arrived at Simón Bolívar Elementary school, located in the Los Platanales precinct, about 20 minutes from the district of Puerto Lopez.  It is a small town, but full of friendly and kind people.  In order to get to the town, I took a taxi – it’s a little far and the road is full of mud.  The first things I saw when I arrived at the school were the little boots that the children wear so that they don’t ruin their shoes that their father’s buy with all their hard work and dedication.

After introducing ourselves, we really enjoyed watching the whale videos, which led to the question: “What color is the humpback whale?”  Smiling, the children said “blue” - but I clarified that a humpback whale is not blue…

For the video we invited first year students to join us.  I was very impressed to see how interested they were to learn more about these cetaceans.

Also, they helped us to put together our puzzle, but as it is with children, they needed our help!  They asked me if I could give them a real whale…I was surprised by the question they asked me!

Therefore, I asked them: But why do you need a whale?!

With smiles they told me it was so that they could take care of and to protect them from the hunters.

At times, it’s very moving to know that the children are interested in taking care of and protecting the humpback whales and the planet where we live.  For this, PWF continues contributing to the education of these great conservationists!