Rescue of Stranded Baby Humpback Whale

Although all the years we've had animal strandings, this year has been amazing, I have barely rested in August, having to help or to work on animal biopsies.

I want to congratulate Ecuador's Ministry of Environment, which has a super fast response support. It is good to know that they are very attentive and collaborative.
Just this week a baby humpback whale stranded but was alive. It was very impressive to see the coastal towns work to help save this whale. Four times, it was returned to the sea. People worked in collaboration with the government until the wee hours of the morning to return it to the sea.
The first day, the local people tried to save the whale for 6 hours. Since yesterday the whale has not returned to the beach. The love that Ecuadorians show to the whales and the commitment of the government through the Ministry of Environment is what we can take from this whole event.
Thank you for my country ... for my people ... for my government...I am so proud for you.
Photos courtesy Universo (local newspaper)
Greg Kaufman