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Tuesday, January 1, 2013:

The humpback whales off Maui offered us a great start to the New Year with a full day of amazing whalewatching.

2:31 pm: Our vessel Ocean Discovery encountered three whales just offshore from Lahaina. The whales were circling and diving under and around the boat, creating bubble blasts, slapping their pectoral fins and doing tail throws. We heard lots of grunting and trumpeting and saw a few breaches. 


11:34 am: We encountered a really aggressive competition pod in very shallow water in Ma'alaea Bay. Our crew on Ocean Voyager counted three adult whales, all very large animals. One adult was pec slapping and the other two were head lunging at each other and doing head rises.

9:42 am: Five humpback whales sighted off the coast of Wailea and Makena by Ocean Intrigue. The whales were active at the surface. 

9:30 am: Two adults, with another smaller whale which might have been a yearling, were sighted by Ocean Discovery off Lahaina. The smaller whale had scarring on its dorsal fin and body. It was surfacing close to the larger adult. 

9:07 am: Ocean Odyssey encountered a bottlenose dolphin. The dolphin was bowriding on our vessel. 

 Tuesday, December 18, 2012: 

Some whale and dolphin watching highlights from today:

8 am: Bottlenose dolphin bowriding near a humpback whale swimming at the surface. In all, five whales were in the pod observed by Ocean Discovery in the 'Au'Au Channel. 
10:48 am: Two adult humpback whales and one subadult in a pod, displaying quick changes of direction and some "chasing" behaviors. One whale swam on its side with its pectoral fin out of the water. Reported by Ocean Discovery. 
12:28 pm: Very active competition pod of 5 whales reported by Ocean Discovery off Ka'anapali. Two of the whales were moving sideways against each other; tail swishes were seen at the surface. Some trumpeting sounds heard. 
3:42 pm: 200 spinner dolphins encountered by Ocean Voyager in the 'Au'Au Channel towards Maui. 
4:30 pm: Two whales with one calf, active at the surface of the ocean, near Olowalu. 
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