Posted on: March 30, 2012

PWF President Participates in Symposium and Two Cetacean Workshops in Patagonia, Chile


Pacific Whale Foundation President and Founder Greg Kaufman has traveled to Patagonia, Chile, to participate in a symposium and two accompanying invitation-only, closed door workshops on the latest in benign whale research techniques. The event was sponsored by the International Whaling Commission and the governments of Australia, the United States and Chile, Oregon State University, Internatinal Fund for Animal Welfare, Centro De Conservacion Cetacea, and hosted by the Southern Ocean Research Partnership (SORP).
The symposium entitled "Living Whales in the Southern Ocean: Advances in Methods for Non-Lethal Cetacean Research," and took place on March 27. The symposium included presentations on a variety of benign research techniques, including molecular research, biologging, remote sensing, passive acoustic methods and photogrammetry.
The workshops following the symposium, in which Kaufman participated began on March 28 and continued through March 29 and focused on the topics of "Population Dynamics and Environmental Variability" and "Health Status of Live Whales." Each workshop was limited to just 30 invited participants who were selected by the conference organizers. There were four workshops during the two-day span.
"I was deeply honored to be selected for two of these workshops, which were attended by some of the preeminent whale researchers and scientists working in the Southern Ocean ecosystem” said Kaufman. "We were proud to share our findings over nearly three decades of working in this region, and to help shape the future of research in this region.” Pacific Whale Foundation has been conducting research in Australia, Oceania, and Latin America from 1983.
The event host was the Southern Ocean Research Partnership (SORP), a working group of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC). The Southern Ocean Research Partnership (SORP) is an integrated, collaborative, research consortium that aims to maximize conservation outcomes of Southern Ocean whales through non-lethal
research on the status, health, dynamics and environmental linkages of their whale populations and the threats they face.
The aim of SORP is to develop a multilateral, non-lethal scientific research program that will improve the coordinated and cooperative reporting of science to the International Whaling Commission. Pacific Whale Foundation shares data and findings from Pacific Whale Foundation funded studies of whales in Australia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Tonga with the SORP working group.
Pacific Whale Foundation's Greg Kaufman is also an invited participant to the IWC Scientific Committee and serves as an active member of the Southern Hemisphere Assessment, Whalewatching and Bycatch subcommittees.
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