Posted on: September 12, 2012

PWF Ocean Camp Fall Session to Focus on "Fabulous Fish of Hawai'i"

Hawai'i's reef fish, deep water fish and fresh water fish amaze us with their many ways of finding food, avoiding predators and parenting. To introduce children to their intriguing world, the fall session of Pacific Whale Foundation's Ocean Camp will focus on "Fabulous Fish of Hawai'i."

The camp, led by professional marine educators from Pacific Whale Foundation, will take place from October 1 through 5 at Pacific Whale Foundation's Discovery Center in Ma'alaea. It is open to children in grades K - 5. Parents can enroll their keiki for individual or multiple days during the Monday through Friday program. The camp hours are from 8:00 am  - 4:00 pm.
"We're very excited about the curriculum for our fall session of Ocean Camp," says Karen Molina, Youth Education Manager. "It features daily field trips, as well as games, art projects, hands-on science labs and fun with new and old friends."
Molina reports that on Monday, October 1, the campers will learn about fish feeding guilds by visiting Maui Ocean Center and learning about adaptations of herbivores, carnivores, and coralivores. Tuesday, October 2 brings a trip to Ulua Beach where children will have the option of snorkeling with a certified lifeguard and enjoying a guided reef tour while observing defenses and adaptations such as mimicry, countershading, false eye spots and more.
The program on Wednesday, October 3 features a surfing lesson. Thursday, October 4 offers a field trip to Iao Valley, where campers will explore the stream, look for freshwater fish and learn about fish parenting strategies.
Camp wraps up on Friday, October 5, with a snorkel trip to Molokini Crater and learning about adaptations of nocturnal and diurnal fish.
A complete schedule can be viewed at
"Our camp has a 1:10 teacher/camper ratio," says Molina. "On field trips, we have extra staff, plus a certified lifeguard for all water-related activities. Our focus is on safety, while also providing new and exciting experiences for the kids."
Register before September 16 for the lowest daily rate of $67 per day. Pacific Whale Foundation Members can attend for just $50 per day.
After September 16, the rate is $72/day. Pacific Whale Foundation Members pay just $55/day.
Last minute registration (within 24 hours of the camp day, or on the actual day of camp) is $77 per day. The rate for Pacific Whale Foundation Members is $61 per day.
An optional lunch is available for $6.50 per day. The lunch is catered by Porto, the flame-fired artisan pizza restaurant in Ma'alaea and Ola Catering, both of which are owned by Pacific Whale Foundation. The lunch options include handmade child-sized pizza, prepared with all-natural ingredients; sandwiches made with organic peanut butter and natural  fruit jelly on whole wheat bread; ham sandwiches (with ham baked at Porto) on whole wheat bread;  and locally made, natural, all-beef hot dogs on rolls. Each lunch includes an organic trail mix, organic carrot sticks, an organic orange and 100% natural fruit juice.
To register for camp and to get answers to any questions you may have, please call (808) 249-8811 ext. 1. We're open daily, from 6 am to 8 pm. Parents can also download a camp enrollment form at Parents interested in a "No Child Left Indoors Scholarship" should contact for an application.