"Picture This!" Privacy Policy


Use of Petition Image

Pacific Whale Foundation will only use your photograph for the purposes of the “Picture This” petition, and in promoting the “Picture This” Petition. We will not share your photograph with any other party who is not related to “Picture This”.

Use of Personal Details

Pacific Whale Foundation will display your name, username and country on our website. 

When you sign a document electronically, that signature has the same meaning as if you had signed the document with pen and ink, according to the Digital Millennium Signature Act in the USA. 

When you upload your “Picture This” Petition image, you are in effect signing the petition. To identify your signature in the private petition database we require that you submit your actual email address. 

We will never sell your email address, or otherwise release it to a third-party except with your permission or under subpoena or other legal order, except that specific email addresses may be communicated to outside parties as we deem necessary in actions to stop abuse of this website.