Posted on: October 30, 2013

Pacific Whale Foundation's Early Season Whalewatches Feature New Sightings Guarantee

With Pacific Whale Foundation vessels reporting lots of humpback whale sightings off Maui during the past week, the nonprofit organization will be launching its whalewatch season starting Monday, November 4. 
Throughout November, two whalewatch cruises will be offered daily -- one from Lahaina Harbor at 2 pm and one from Ma'alaea Harbor at 12:30 pm. These early season whalewatches come with an extra perk --  a promise by Pacific Whale Foundation that if whales are not sighted during the cruise, each ticket holder will receive a "Just a Fluke" coupon to go again FREE on any regular Pacific Whale Foundation whalewatch at the guest's convenience during the next 12 months. 
"These early season whalewatches replace the 'Whale Search Cruises' that we offered in past years in early November," says John Gaskins, Sales and Customer Care Manager at Pacific Whale Foundation. "This year's cruises offer the added value of our sightings guarantee."
"Pacific Whale Foundation has studied whales throughout the Pacific for more than 33 years; we also gather data about whale and dolphin sightings on all of our cruises," says Gaskins. "Last November, we saw whales on 72% of our days on the water." 
"We want to make it possible for our guests to see whales, so we offer the 'Just a Fluke' coupons so they can go again if we fail to locate whales," says Gaskins. "But with our eight vessels at sea, in constant contact with each other, we have a very high sightings success rate, even during the early days of the season."
Pacific Whale Foundation's vessels have reported many whale sightings in recent days. On October 28, Pacific Whale Foundation's raft Ocean Adventurer saw two humpback whales at 12:33 pm; also on October 28, Pacific Whale Foundation's catamaran Ocean Discovery saw two humpback whales at 11:00 am. On October 27, Pacific Whale Foundation's raft Ocean Freedom saw two humpback whales at 10:29 am and its vessel Ocean Explorer saw two humpback whales at 8:07 am. On October 26, Ocean Discovery saw one humpback whale at noon. 
Details about all recent whale and dolphin sightings can be viewed on Pacific Whale Foundation's  interactive Whale and Dolphin Tracker map at
Each Pacific Whale Foundation whalewatch is two hours in length and is led by a team of Pacific Whale Foundation's Certified Marine Naturalists and marine biologists. A free Jr. Naturalist program, developed by Pacific Whale Foundation's professional marine education team, is offered free to children onboard. Each party will receive a free whale poster.
Pacific Whale Foundation's whalewatch cruises are the only ones on Maui that are owned and operated by a bona fide nonprofit organization. A portion of every ticket sold supports whale research and all profits support Pacific Whale Foundation's work to protect whales through science and advocacy. 
The early season whalewatches are listed under "Whalewatch Special Lahaina" and "Whalewatch Special Ma'alaea" at 
Pacific Whale Foundation will be offering its "Welcome Home the Whales" Celebration Cruises on Saturday, November 28, with special whalewatches led by Pacific Whale Foundation's research team, who offer special insights about the whales and expert interpretations of their behaviors. Whale sightings are also guaranteed  on these cruises, or guests get a "Just a Fluke" Coupon to go again free, anytime within one year. 
For reservations, call Pacific Whale Foundation at (808) 249-8811 ext. 1. 
Downloadable guides with photos and factual information about Hawaii's humpback whales are offered free at