Our Reef Magic Ohana

As disappointing as bad weather is, it sometimes affords us the opportunity to visit with the captains and crew of other whale watch operators. Today we had such an opportunity and spent the day with the wonderful crew of Reef Magic, an operator out of Cairns.

When we checked the weather report this morning, we saw that it was going to be a bad one. Annie called up our good friends on the Reef Magic and we were told to come on down. Reef Magic is a double-decker, 22-meter, catamaran; a giant compared to our little boat and thus handles far better in rough seas. As we headed south to Cairns on the coastal road, we were worried about the heavy rain affecting our chances at seeing whales but still very hopeful. And our hopes were not in vain. Just a mere hour after leaving port, we were greeted by the sight of 2 sub-adult whales. They swam close to the boat once, giving the many first time whale watchers a close up view. After swimming a bit further off the bow they both performed a beautiful fluke up dive. We now have 2 more fluke identification shots to add to our season.

Because of the many first time whale watchers on board today, Annie and I thought we would share some of our whale knowledge that we have gained over the years. The people loved it and had many questions we were able to answer for them. Thanks to the captain and crew of the Reef Magic, it was a good day out on the water for us all.

Amanda Hutsel


Beth Salles (visitor) says:

Our little keepers of the whales. Do these boats have research teams like PWF does on their excursions? Or do they just take the people out to look for whales. Was so saddened to hear about the pilot whales in New Zealand. Wish we could figure out why these babies beach themselves.