Our Commitment to Protecting Wildlife

As a boat tour operator and conservation advocate for marine life, we are committed to the active protection of marine mammals and their ocean habitat. We were instrumental in helping to establish the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, the only national marine sanctuary dedicated exclusively to humpback whales. But we also do our part by:

  • Dolphin SMART logoIn January 2015, PWF earned recognition through NOAA's Dolphin SMART program. We are a proud participant of this important wildlife viewing and education program which provide guidelines for responsible dolphin watching tour operators. The goal of Dolphin SMART is to minimize the potential of wild dolphin harassment that may be caused by commercial viewing activities. Participating tour operators follow a set a responsible wildlife viewing guidelines, while also educating passengers about the importance of responsible wildlife viewing. Read our Dolphin Smart Press Release.
  • Preventing vessel-whale collisions through our Be Whale Aware program, which educates and encourages boat operators to reduce their speed and reduce disturbances to whales and dolphins. Download Be Whale Aware Guidelines.
  • PWF pioneered the development of the first engineered Whale Protection Devices, approved by the U.S. Coast Guard to help guide whales away from propellers and running gear on commercial vessels. They’re installed on our of our commercial whalewatching vessels.
  • Locating a manufacturer of reef-safe sunscreen, and making it available for sale to our guests to protect the coral reefs where we snorkel during our Eco-Adventure cruises.
  • Encouraging responsible wildlife watching in our marketing communications and outreach programs.

Help protect the wildlife you encounter on your visit to Hawaii.

Humpback Whales

Never approach a humpback whale closer than 100 yards, whether you are on a boat, swimming or on a board; it is not only dangerous, it is illegal! Do not enter the water with whales. Never attempt to touch a humpback whale.

Sea Turtles

Stay at least 10 feet back from turtles. Do not block their path as they surface to breathe. Never touch, feed or attempt to ride on a turtle.


Avoid approaching dolphins closer than 50 yards. Do not enter the water to swim with them. Never feed or attempt to touch wild dolphins.

Monk Seals

Stay at least 150 feet away. If you encounter one in the ocean, swim away and get out of the water. Report all sightings to NOAA’s Marine Mammal hotline at 1-888-256-9840.