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Alfaguara (Blue Whale) Project in Chile

Pacific Whale Foundation is proud to support the Alfaguara (Blue Whale) Project in southern Chile. This project strives to guarantee the long term existence of endangered blue whales in one of the most important feeding grounds for the species in the southern hemisphere. In addition, the project promotes the responsible development of community based marine ecotourism and the effective conservation of the marine and coastal ecosystem of northwestern Isla de Chiloe, southern Chile.

The project has the official support of the Chilean Navy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has also been internationally recognized for its contribution to the scientific knowledge of the species in the southeast Pacific which is currently one of the best known populations of blue whales in the Southern hemisphere.

The activities planned over the past few years have been conducted thanks to the sponsorship of Pacific WHale Foundation, Marisla Foundation, Global Greengrant Funds, Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund and Cetacean Society International, as well as the logistical support of the General Directorate of Maritime territory and Marine Merchant (DIRECTEMAR) of the Chilean Navy.

Download a report describing the activities and results of the Alfaguara Project from 2014.

Chile research group photo

Barbara Galletti, president and scientific director of CCC, with cetacean specialists that collaborate on the Alfaguara Project, Dr. Carole Carlson, Dr. Robert L. Brownell Jr, and skipper, Mr. Jose Aviles.


Blue whale is skin lesions

Skin lesions on blue whales are an increasing concern regarding the health status of the blue whale population found in Chilean waters. The Alfaguara project works cooperatively with an international team of scientists to learn about the causes of these lesions.





Alfaguara research vesselAlfaguara research vessel