No Child Left Indoors

No kids left indoorsPacific Whale Foundation's "No Child Left Indoors" Environmental Education Scholarship Fund helps to ensure that all kids are able to enjoy outdoor environmental learning field trips and programs, regardless of their families' financial situation.

To see the look of wonder and awe on a child's face when he sees a whale for the first time… to watch a youngster's confidence grow as she names all of the mollusks in the tidepool that we're exploring… to witness young teenagers proudly showing off their mastery of nautical navigation skills during a class program at sea… these are some of the benefits of Pacific Whale Foundation's "No Child Left Indoors" program.

"No Child Left Indoors" has been running on Maui has resulted in hundreds of kids having the opportunity to step out of the classroom and into the natural world, for rich and meaningful science-based learning adventures.

Our goal is to inspire children's interest in nature, in science, in school—and in protecting the oceans.

For children today, outdoor play is often the exception rather than the rule. Kids spend half as much time outside today as did children a generation ago, and are increasingly disconnected from nature. Many youngsters devote more than 40 hours a week to video games, TV or the Internet.

Environmental educators point out that the amount of time a child spends outdoors before age 11 plays a large role in determining if the child will grow up to care about the environment. But as schools strive to meet new standards for math and reading, teachers are pressured to reduce time spent on outdoor education.

Environmental education ensures that children experience nature and learn to care about it. At Pacific Whale Foundation, wwe view it as critically important now, more than ever, for children to become involved in programs that allow them to experience the natural world.

After all, how do we expect a child to grow into an adult who cares about saving the coral reefs, whales, birds or forests, if they’ve never spent time around them, and don’t have the appreciation for how special and wondrous they are?

With just an $8 donation, you can send one child on a whalewatch or other ocean-related field trip. Donate $160 and you can send an entire class in a Title I school. 

To thank you, we'll send you a photo from one of our school whalewatches and a Pacific Whale Foundation keychain for your donation of $35 or more. It's a way for you to remember the brightness you're adding to children's lives during the coming year.



Your donation is tax-deductible. Pacific Whale Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.