Posted on: September 9, 2010

Marine Science Education Seminar for Maui Educators

 Pacific Whale Foundation invites Maui educators to attend "Skills to Scales,"  an interactive workshop that offers the opportunity to sample hands-on marine science activities, on Saturday, September 25, from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

The workshop takes place at Pacific Whale Foundation's Discovery Center classrooms at the Ma'alaea Harbor Shops.

The cost is $10. All Maui educators, school administrators, and youth coordinators are invited to attend.

The workshop will focus on interactive marine science/enrichment opportunities that model critical thinking within marine science content. Participants will get the latest details about Pacific Whale Foundation's marine science/enrichment opportunities and can sign up early for the keiki whalewatches and other Pacific Whale Foundation programs offered this school year.

Educators who attend will be entered into a free drawing for a marine ecotour for two, receive free teacher resource materials, and enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast.

"We are committed to linking educators with marine lessons, laboratory investigations, and enrichment opportunities in various learning settings," says Merrill Kaufman, Education Director at Pacific Whale Foundation. "Our vision is to expand our capabilities of bringing science-based critical thinking skills application to educators and youth through program delivery that helps to prepare students for the life in the 21st century."

"Participants will get a first-hand taste of how we deliver research and conservation based critical thinking skills interwoven through marine based content," she notes. "The premise of the seminar is to model age appropriate lesson delivery by having participants sample inquiry-based activities designed to highlight the full range of experiential education opportunities available at Pacific Whale Foundation."

Some of the Pacific Whale Foundation education programs that will be explored at the workshop include:

Sea Wees: Ocean Exploration for Preschoolers
Developmentally appropriate early-childhood music/movement, demonstrations and guided exploration delivered in a child-centered environment aligned
with  Hawaii Preschool Content Standards. Available to early childhood centers and family childcare providers.

Keiki Whalewatches: Pre-K through 12
Students learn about humpback whales and more through developmentally appropriate modules, which combine classroom hands-on activities with field wildlife watching, data collection, and conservation applications. The
program uses marine artifacts, unique props, and models to engage students in inquiry-based learning.

Exploratory Marine Science Programs for K-8
Laboratory investigations and field experiences integrate science content, research methods, laboratory tools and techniques in an inquiry rich environment. Through investigation, observation, vocabulary development,
comparison, and multi-sensory methods, students demonstrate critical thinking  skill development through a scientific perspective. Programs include: Squid  Dissection, Coral Reef Communities, Spineless Wonders:
Invertebrate  Investigations, Plankton Discovery Lab, Tidepool Exploration, and the Marine Mammals Field Research Methods Land Station.

Reservations for the "Skills to Scales" workshop are required. Please contact Erica Gorman, Youth Education Manager, at 856-8317 or at