Marine Debris and Man O' War

On October 3, 2013, Pacific Whale Foundation’s (PWF) Maui-based Research Team headed out on Ocean Protector to continue our distribution study of dolphins in the area.  We chose the waters south of the island of Lana`i, an area usually too windy to survey.  There was a slight breeze paired with some swell coming in from the south.

During our survey, we did not see any dolphins but we did see Portuguese man o’ war floating on the ocean surface.  We presume these drifted in on the southerly swell, which also brought significant amounts of trash to Maui County waters.  We collected any marine debris we came across, including several pieces of Styrofoam, multiple buoys, a couple plastic water bottles, and even a light bulb and a soccer ball.  Throughout the 6 hour survey, our team pulled over 20 pieces of debris from the ocean.  We also collected a large plastic jug, which had a fish inside that was too large to fit back through the opening.  This fish must have swam into this jug when it was smaller in size, and grown too large, while living in the jug, to escape.  Our team had to cut through the plastic to release the fish back into the ocean.

It is disheartening to see trash in our beautiful oceans.  Luckily, we were able to remove all this debris from the water, and do our part to keep our oceans healthy.  If you see litter, you have the power to make a difference too. 



Judy Couch (visitor) says:

Ocean is getting polluted. The whole world is getting ready to be destroyed. And we are responsible for this great sin. Oh God forgive us.