July 16, 2012 "Read entire blog"

How Wonderful!

Again in the world of children, learning from them and teaching what I have learned.

Today is Monday July 16, 2012, and we began the “Environmental Education Program” in the Escuela Particular Sindicato de Choferes, where 6th grade boys and girls learn to take care of and protect different species that they may find in their habitats, be it terrestrial or marine.  

The 37 students quickly ran to the window, and seeing their sweet faces made me so happy to begin once again!

They eagerly entered the classroom to hear our presentation.  We presented videos called “Recycle” and “The Biggest Trash in the World”.  After watching the videos, we finished up discussing the problem of trash in the ocean, and coming up with creative ideas on recycling. 

I love to hear the children pledge to take care of the environment.  I seems that the discovery that plastic can form an island of trash really had an impact on each of them.  Their faces showed curiosity, and I believe they were hoping for more videos, but when we began talking about whales, I think it satisfied all their expectations.  We play with the ocean and met our marvelous visitors, the humpback whales.


At the end of the class, the kids said, “Professor, we hope that you come back!”  I hope I can return – without a doubt the kids have left their mark with footprints of love in my heart.  ^_^

These are only my first classes.  For two years I have had the chance to learn from other educators, and now I feel that I am ready to begin this challenge and I believe this day went very well. 

I am Carolina, I live in Puerto López, I study at the University of Puerto López and I am happy to help my people.  I am the proof that when we have opportunities we can change our lives.

From Puerto Lopez, Ecuador,