Posted on: December 14, 2010

Introducing the New Pacific Whale Foundation Logo

For over thirty years, Pacific Whale Foundation has been dedicated to protecting whales, dolphins and all marine life - both in Maui County and abroad. Throughout this time we have not only uncovered priceless information about whales and marine mammals, but have also grown as an organization. A unique organization such as ours cannot simply grow - we must constantly evaluate and evolve our communications to our partners, friends and supporters.

After 31 years, we are pleased to launch our new modern logo. We believe this new logo captures the essence of who we are - free and fun, breaking the boundaries, but with homage to our classic look. We are confident that along with updated marketing communications, our new logo – the most high-profile expression of our brand – will help propel us into the next era for Pacific Whale Foundation.
Thank you for your ongoing support over the years, and keep an eye out for our new, improved website launching later this month.