Hawaii Research

Pacific Whale Foundation's research offices are located at our headquarters on Maui, overlooking Ma'alaea Bay. 

Our current research studies in Hawaii include the following:

Whale and Dolphin Tracker

To understand Platforms of Opportunity, such as whalewatching vessels, to collect data on cetacean distribution. 

Great Whale Count

To use citizen science to engage members of the public and promote environmental stewardship, while contributing toward a long-term humpback whale sighting dataset in Maui.

Hawaiian Humpback Whale Catalogue

To develop a database of known photo-identified individuals.

Marine Debris and Odontocete Study in the Maui Four-Island Region

To monitor trends in marine debris accumulation and potential overlap with odontocete distribution in waters of the Maui four-island region. 

Odontocete Distribution, Abundance, and Life Histories

To determine distribution and movement patterns of odontocetes as well as site fidelity and association patterns of known individuals in the four-island region of Maui.

Social Structure of False Killer Whales in the Maui Four-Island Region

To photo-identify the Hawaiian insular population of false killer whales in order to understand group cohesion and stability, age structure, reproductive rates and association patterns.

Surprise Encounters With Humpback Whales

We are studying which factors affect the likelihood of collisions between vessels and whales.