Posted on: April 16, 2015

Greg Kaufman named to the IWC's Conservation Whalewatch Sub-committee

Greg KaufmanMa’alaea, Maui, HI – Greg Kaufman, Founder and Executive Director of Pacific Whale Foundation has been named to the International Whaling Commission’s (IWC) Conservation Whalewatch Sub-committee, one of only two international whalewatch industry representatives to be chosen. The appointment is for two years. The next meeting of the IWC Conservation Whalewatch subcommittee will be May 20, 2015, in San Diego, CA.

Greg also serves as an Invited Participant to the International Whaling Commission’s Scientific Committee and is a contributor to the subcommittees on Whalewatching, Southern Hemisphere Whales, Environment and Human induced Mortality. He serves on the Hawaiian Island Humpback National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Committee as the whalewatch representative, is a contributing member to the Southern Oceans Research Partnership, recently co-led the United Nations Environmental Programme's Regional Workshop on Marine Mammal Watching in the Wider Caribbean Region and workshops for best practices for whale and dolphin watching in the Sultanate of Oman. He is currently involved in the international effort spearheaded by the IWC to develop a “Five Year Global Plan for Whale-watching.”

“I am honored to have been chosen to represent the voice of living whales at the IWC.” Kaufman said. “This is a watershed moment for the IWC as it transitions from managing whale stocks for hunting purposes to understanding the economic value and challenges of managing the impacts of watching whales. Today the value of watching whales far outstrips the meager income derived by those nations who continue to hunt whales, rendering the economic need to kills whales obsolete.”

International Whaling Commission

According to the IWC, the Scientific Committee‘s whalewatch subcommittee is committed to “studying the potential impact of repeated whalewatching on individual whales, their populations and their habitats. This complex task requires examining both short- and long-term impacts... this ongoing research has led the IWC to develop principles and guidelines for whalewatching which have helped guide the development of whalewatching regulations around the world.”

Greg has authored five books and dozens of scientific and popular articles on whales. As an activist in the international "Save the Whales" movement and a pioneer in non-invasive humpback whale research, Greg has been a tireless advocate for whales and their ocean habitats worldwide. He founded Pacific Whale Foundation in 1980 with a mission of educating the public from a scientific perspective on the need to save whales and their ocean habitat. Today, Pacific Whale Foundation conducts research, conservation and education programs throughout the world. Pacific Whale Foundation is headquartered in Maui, Hawaii with satellite offices in Australia, Ecuador and Chile.

Pacific Whale Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to protecting our oceans through science and advocacy. Profits from Pacific Whale Foundation's ocean eco-tours support our research, education and conservation programs.