Full Moon Cruise

04/14/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
From Lahaina Harbor
Is a MWF event: 

A rare opportunity to witness a total lunar eclipse at sea! This cruise will be narrated by Harriet Witt, an international award winning astronomy writer and speaker, who will enlighten passengers on the natural phenomenon taking place in the night sky. The cruise will be positioned to observe the lunar eclipse from start to finish. Changes in the moon’s shape and brightness should be visible during departure from the harbor, as the moon moves into the shadow of the earth. At the mid-way point of the cruise, the total phase of the eclipse will begin and the moon will be very dark or deep red, or may even disappear entirely. This phase should continue through the remainder of the cruise and end at approximately 10:30 pm. In addition to the sights of a lunar eclipse, there will also be the chance to hear the moon songs of live whales when hydrophones are lowered into the sea. The Full Moon Cruise also includes drinks, appetizers, desserts and a full-color marine life poster. Reservations are required.